History of Suage

Other than the Ramen, Jingisukan (Japanese grilled mutton) another thing you must have in Sapporo, Hokkaido, is their soup curry. With over 300 store of soup curry shop located in Sapporo itself. Hence, in November 2007 Suage Hokkaido Soup Curry is founded with just 17 seats in the store. Currently Suage have 3 Japan outlets in Sapporo and 1 oversea outlet which is Singapore.

What’s more, Suage is the top search for soup curry in Sapporo on Tripadvisor with customer crowding the store everyday.

現在札幌には300店舗ほどのスープカレー店が存在し、ラーメン、ジンギスカンに次ぐ札幌を代表する食べ物として発展してきた。 スープカレーすあげは創業2007年11月に現在の本店隣にある17席ほどの小さなお店で営業をスタートした。お米を始めとして、地元食材に極力こだわったメニューを提供し、現在では札幌市内に3店舗を有し、トリップアドバイザー等の観光情報サイトで人気ナンバーワンのスープカレー店の地位を確立しており、常に行列の絶えない超有名店として、海外からのお客様にも多数ご利用いただいている。


Singapore Outlet




Cooking Method

Our brand name "Suage" is derived from the word to "fry" ingredients.

Hence, our method of frying our ingredients is different. Without using batter to coat our ingredient, by just frying it raw it detain the natural and original taste of the ingredient. However, this is not easily obtain as we have tried numerous time by combining different ingredient with our soup curry base to get what we deemed as perfect combination. Adding on to that, we also source from the best location for the ingredient used in it, such as rice.


What is Soup Curry?

Soup Curry is a herbal curry flavored soup created by a restaurant in Sapporo around 1970s. Created with spices together with chicken, pork and vegetables, giving it a savory and delightful taste. This has gradually become the soul food in Hokkaido, which is widely loved by many people!



What makes our soup curry different?